Helping people pursue their passion for music

A vast majority of people are passionate about music. A good number of them are gifted with musical skills too. Unfortunately, all of them don't get the opportunity to pursue their passion, even as a pastime activity. Some don't get access to Gurus due to their location; others don't find the timing flexible, many find it difficult to commute.Gaayak began its musical journey in 2018 with a mission to change all these.

Started as an online music school, over the years, Gaayak has helped students of all ages - from 4 to even 80 - give shape to their dreams. A large number of children, working professionals, homemakers, senior citizens have all become our 'students.'

Gaayak is now a holistic music education platform offering over 75 courses in vocal and instrumental categories. Be it Carnatic or semi-classical, or western, we have it all covered. While leveraging the latest advancements in technology, Gaayak has not deviated from its core principle of one-to-one live classes.

Gaayak's mobile apps reinforce learning with the provision to schedule classes, record sessions, tutorials, practice courses, self-assessment modules, quizzes, ebooks, gamification videos, audios, performance tracking, and a lot more. The app is a virtual tutor, and the one-stop source for students, trainers, and parents. We've spent a lot of time developing both the content and the container - the app.

Partnering with Educational Institutions, Corporates

Armed with a unique, engaging curriculum and a strong technology framework, we are partnering with schools, colleges, and corporates to impart music education to their students, and employees respectively.

Founder Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Venkatraman


Gaayak was founded by Vijayalakshmi Venkatraman, who is both a musician and a software programmer. Trained in classical music since her childhood days, she brings over 25 years of experience in Carnatic music. Prior to founding Gaayak, she served as a software developer with Zoho Corporation for over 10 years. Passionate about both music and technology, she is engaged in uniquely combining both to offer an incredible musical learning experience.