Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all our courses are one to one. Each individual will have a separate time slot and even siblings are advised to take up separate slots since each student has his/her own pace of learning.

We have a min age cap of 5 years . However, students will be evaluated for sitting tolerance before registering for class. Adults are also welcome to learn.

This depends on the students’ learning capacity and dedication and we don’t make promises on the time-line. Music requires a lot of practice and teachers tell us when a student is ready to move on to the next level.

All students are on par and no discounts are offered unless there is a promotional activity. For short term courses only existing students and referrals are given discounts.

No formal music knowledge required for Semi Classical and Carnatic Beginner. But for light music we do expect little knowledge in carnatic music.

No. As these are online one to one classes students have to arrange instruments on their own.

A strong internet connection for classes on Skype or any other video sharing app preferable to you. Preferably a laptop or iPad for better visibility and ease in learning.

  • Beginner level - 40 - 45 min
  • Intermediate level - 45 to 50 mins
  • Advanced level - 1 hour

Yes we offer eBooks for Carnatic Music classes at every level. As for other courses, trainer will independently provide based on lesson dealt.

Yes you have the freedom to request us, but allotment of the same trainer will depend on his/her slot availability.

You can request the trainer assigned to you . But, we leave it to the trainer to decide whether students’ have the capacity to learn what they desire.

Yes we do. Do register to our newsletter so we can keep updating you about new courses.