Formerly known as Sai Sruthilaya Music Academy



SSMA also lessons in Carnatic Mridangam and student is groomed from a beginner to become a performer and professional accompanist.

Mridangam Course Syllabus

Level Course Details Class Duration
Beginner Level Fundamental lessons Thaa, Thee, Thom, Nham
Melodic patterns involving Nham, Dhin strokes
Fast patterns (Farance lessons)
Introduction to Thaala ( Aadhi, Roopaka )
Konnakol basics
1 Hour
Intermediate Level For intermediate stage :
Nadai\Gathi bedham - Thishram, Khandam
Thaalas - Mishra Chaapu, Khanda Chaapu
Tuning the instrument
Usage of Gumki (bass)
Performing Tani aavardanam/Solo
1 Hour
Advanced Level Reduction techniques (Kuraippu)
35 Thaalas introduction & lessons
Training to provide accompaniment for songs
Training for Raagam, Taanam, Pallavi and other special sections
1 Hour