Formerly known as Sai Sruthilaya Music Academy

Western Music Vocal Curriculum

Western Music Vocal

Level Topic Covered
(Grade 1 to 5)
Vocal Gym (practice of 7 basic vocal warm ups)
Differentiation between chest voices and stomach voices. (some physical exercises related to them)
Gospel and technical songs like small prayers and for small kids, carols.
For 4 grade students introduction to crotchets, quavers, rests and basic theory.
(Grade 4 to 8)
Voice gym (practice of scales and introduction to modes)
Introduction of Trinity Grade 1-3 book and songs related to it
Some advanced theory of intervals, scales and most importantly reading and understanding rhythms
Intro to pop genres like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Adele
One fun session, students can sing any song of their choice and based on that the corrections of notes and rhythm
Book’s songs and technical part to be followed with intro and details of voice dynamics
Advanced Details of 10 modes and exercises related to them
Compound rhythmic exercises and intervals
Trinity 4 to 8 grade books to be followed
Intro to rock voice
Articulations, modulation and decoration practice to be done