Formerly known as Sai Sruthilaya Music Academy

Western Keyboard and Piano


Exclusive training in western keyboard, piano and guitar.

Western Keyboard and Piano Course Syllabus

Level Course Content
Beginner Thumb excercise both hands
Chromatic scales both hands
All natural major and minor scales hands seperately
Theory(treble and bass cleff) notations
Few rhymes songs for kids example(twinkle twinkle)with style
Intermediate Introduction to sight reading(trinity sight reading book)
Theory (time signatures)and(triads)
All scales hands together
Grade songs from initial to grade 5
Few cine songs in tamil or hindi or Telugu
Advanced Grade songs from grade
6 to grade 8
Theory (all modes)
All scales and all arpeggios 4 octaves
Aural test from all grades
Improvisation of a song
Popular English songs like fur Elise etc